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It takes thousands of years for agate stones to form. The result are strong rocks of banded layers in nearly every color. Agates are said to have a number of helpful properties such as raising awareness, inspiring confidence, and promoting calm.

At Agate CPA, our company values mirror several agate stone properties as we strive to raise awareness, inspire confidence, promote calm, and think with an adaptive mindset.

Agate Properties Reflect Company Values

Calming & Healing

Integrity & Kindness

Do the right thing, always. Be kind, show interest, involvement & compassion in all interactions. Seek to understand then to be understood.

Stable & Supportive

Client Centric Excellence

Be useful, strive to provide the best answers and make things easier. Respond quickly, inform consistently, and over communicate for clarity.

Colorful & Strong

Collaborative Growth

Foster collaboration by working together with clients and team members. Help educate others, continually learn and value diverse prospectives.

Raise Awareness


Think critically, be willing to challenge old mindsets and adopt innovative solutions be flexible, open to feedback and ready to embrace change.

Our team of Experts

A photo of Alicyn McLeod

Alicyn McLeod

Founder, CFO

Sarah Harris

Founder, CEO

We See the Whole Picture

We see the whole picture. How all the pieces of your financial life fit together. We get how frustrating it is to be passed from advisor to advisor, hoping what’s most important doesn’t fall through the cracks. We’re here to make the money side of your life easier.

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