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Wealth Management

Navigating the Path to Financial Prosperity

in the world of business, revenue goals can often seem arbitrary. More revenue doesn’t always translate to more profit. How much profit do you truly desire or require? At Agate we believe that successful business goal setting begins with your personal financial aspirations. When do you envision retiring? What financial resources will you need to retire comfortably? How can you safeguard and grow those funds along the way?

Managing a $500K business differs significantly from overseeing a $5M business. It’s essential to ensure that your business aligns with your desired outcomes. As a team of both accountants and fee-only wealth managers- we specialize in seamlessly integrating your business and personal financial lives- all with the aim of helping you realize your personal financial goals.

Tax Strategy

Growing Your Wealth with Smart Tax Choices

Taxes are your largest lifetime expense. Tax-smart decisions are crucial to wealth building & preservation.  But tax rules are complicated and constantly changing. Tax strategy isn’t something you can ‘set and forget’. At Agate CPA, we focus on the opportunities & risks in our clients’ tax situations.


The Bedrock of Financial Excellence

Accounting forms the solid foundation upon which financial and tax strategies are built. Without accurate reconciliation and proper transaction coding- long-term planning relies on unreliable data. Trust Agate to manage your historical month-to-month financial records- allowing you the confidence to explore and shape your future with certainty.

At Agate, we are your dedicated partners in financial success. Our comprehensive suite of services is tailored to guide you on the path to prosperity, ensuring your business aligns with your personal financial goals while optimizing your tax strategy and enabling strategic growth. Let us be your compass on the journey to financial excellence.